IntroComp 2008 Results

This morning/afternoon/evening, with much pomp and circumstance on the ifMUD, we had a ceremony to announce the results the seventh annual IntroComp.  I'm pleased to post the results here...

We begin with the three introductions which are eligible to receive the Honorable Prize (listed in alphabetical order by author's last name or nom de plume). That is to say, the first of these authors to turn their introduction into a polished game, provided they do so by August 20, 2009, is eligible to receive $25US (all amounts are listed minus any currency conversion fee).

Fiendish Zoo, by Elizabeth Heller
Bedtime Story, by Taleslinger
Nine-Tenths of the Law, by Jack Welch

Second runner-up, potentially eligible for a $40US completion prize, goes to the introduction with a catchy opening tune:  The Bloody Guns, by Stuart Allen

First runner-up, potentially eligible for a $60US completion prize, goes to an introduction that made our skin crawl (and I do mean that in the nicest way possible): Storm Cellar, by P. F. Sheckarski

And that brings us to our top entry, a lovely piece with some great world-building, potentially eligible for a $100US completion prize: Phoenix's Landing: Destiny, by Carolyn VanEseltine

Many thanks to those who entered, those who tested, those who played and voted, and those kind souls who provided feedback to the authors. Thanks also to Neil deMause for the idea of IntroComp and to Eileen Mullin and XyzzyNews for sponsoring the competition again this year.

On a final note, ClubFloyd will be playing all the introductions over the next week or two (or possibly three, if it takes that long). Transcripts will be posted in the usual place at

Thanks for another year... see you in 2009.
- Jacqueline

IntroComp - One last day to vote!

Due to Life Happening, I did not get a chance to post a reminder to vote yesterday, so Eileen and I have extended the voting deadline to this evening.  You now have until midnight Eastern tonight!

If you haven't already done so, please take a gander at the six introductions and vote.

Introductions can be downloaded from the following sites:

Votes can be submitted at:

The awards ceremony will still be held in the auditorium on ifMUD at 2:00pm Eastern tomorrow.  I will post results here once the ceremony is over.

If you've never been on ifMUD, but would like to attend the awards ceremony, I recommend trying to log on a bit earlier than the ceremony, just to figure things out a bit.  There's also a helpful ifMUD FAQ for beginners at

Thanks for voting!
- Jacqueline

2008 IntroComp Underway!

It is with extreme pleasure that I announce the release of six entries in the 2008 IntroComp, sponsored by XYZZYnews:

* The Bloody Guns, by Stuart Allen
* Fiendish Zoo, by Elizabeth Heller
* Storm Cellar, by P. F. Sheckarski
* Bedtime story, by Taleslinger
* Phoenix's Landing: Destiny, by Caroline VanEseltine
* Nine-Tenths of the Law, by Jack Welch

You can download the games at

As you play, please rate each introduction on a scale of 1-10, with a '10' indicating that you'd *really* like to see the author release a full version of that game. You should submit your votes via the web form at

The voting deadline will be on September 5, 2008, with winners announced two days later during a live ceremony on ifMUD (to be held Sunday, September 7th, at 2pm Eastern, 7pm UTC).

Just a few reminders:

* Authors may not vote.

* Beta testers are allowed to vote, but only on games they did not test.

* Everyone else in the entire world may vote on as many or as few entries as they like, on the usual 1-10 scale (10 being the best). However, they are asked to judge games with one thought in mind, and one alone: "How much do I want to play more of this entry?"

* We ask that judges please refrain from posting reviews of the IntroComp games during the judging period, so as not to taint the voting process, but feel free to send feedback directly to the authors prior to the voting deadline — after all, the best prize that authors receive is feedback, right?

On behalf of this year's six authors, thank you in advance for downloading, playing, and voting on these introductions. I know the authors appreciate the feedback.
Red Tie


Something I just posted to my normal LJ:

In 1984, Infocom text adventures sold for $40 to $60 each. Adjusted for inflation, that's $124.95 in 2008 dollars. Would you pay $120+ for a video game today? Would you pay that for a game with no graphics?!!

Not trying to be a downer here, I'm just realizing what a "deal" we get on modern video games.

Coffee Adventure

Hello guys and gals. I'm working on an adventure game about being a barista, and I was hoping for some feedback. You can find it at in a few different mediums including the full source. It's a playable beta version - a lot of the systems are all done being implemented, I just need to write the story for it. I would love any comments and suggestions you all have, especially as far as the story and writing style go. Let me know what you think!

Dave M.

IntroComp 2007 - Games Now Available!

It is with extreme pleasure that I announce the release of seven entries in the 2007 IntroComp, sponsored by XyzzyNews:
- Folkar Station, by Doug Jones
- Jack in the Box, by Marius Müller
- Jacob's Travels, by Anssi Räisänen
- The King of Shreds and Patches, by Jimmy Maher
- Three Princes, by Alex Godofsky
- Tin, by Jim Aikin
- Trainstopping, by Ben Collins-Sussman
Information on downloading the games and submitting your votes will soon be available at but in the meantime, the games may be downloaded from the following site:

VOTING DEADLINE: Friday, August 24, 2007, at 11:59 EST.

Winners will be announced live, on ifMUD, at 4:00pm EST (9:00pm GMT), Sunday, August 26, 2007.

Information on ifMUD can be found at:

A beginner FAQ about ifMUD is also online:

Thank you to Eileen Mullin and XyzzyNews for sponsoring IntroComp for another year, and to everyone who entered this year's comp.

Thanks also (in advance) to everyone who participates in the voting. Please feel free to send feedback to authors as soon as you're done playing their introduction, but hold off on posting public reviews until after the results have been announced. Thank you for your cooperation!

Jacqueline A. Lott